Hotel las Fuentes

Dirección: Penonome- Cocle    Linea de Reservaciones: (507) 991 0508 - Fax : (507) 991 0509


Hotel Las Fuentes opened its doors in July 2002.

It has 20 ground floor rooms with indoor parking in front of each one.

The owners have a track record in the hotel industry for more than 30 years, and in doing the Hotel Las Fuentes, they wanted to create a cozy atmosphere where people would feel at home outside their home, with personalized attention. It is a small hotel with a big heart ….

Hotel Las Fuentes has a restaurant with capacity for 40 people, two private rooms with capacity for 20 and 50 people respectively. The menu includes Spanish food, seafood and of course Panamanian, but our chef’s specialty is pasta.

Penonome is located in the center of the country. We have beaches 10 minutes away, mountains and rivers less than 20 minutes and within the village there are several spas.